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Peoplefinders, our privatedetectives find people nationwide. Our peoplefinders fee is $125.00, no locate no charge. Our privatedetectives will find a valid current address for your subject or there is no charge.

Assetfinder, at Hallstrom Detective Agency, our private detectives also search for and find assets nationwide. A complete assetfinder search costs $375.00. Our assetfinders searches include real property ownership with comparable values and approximate amount owed, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, business ownership, employment, tax leins, judgments, etc.

Licensed detective agency - Private Detectives, we are a licensed detective agency, license number PI 5579. We have been finding assets and people for attorneys and law firms since 1973. If other peoplefinders or assetfinders search companies have provided you with bad or worthless information try us.

Please note: This site is for attorneys and law firms only. If you are not an attorney or an employee of a law firm please go to and click on others. Peoplefinders and assetfinders search assignments made from this site by people other than attorneys or their employees will not be processed or acknowledged.

We are
Hallstrom Detective Agency

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